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swamp thing

Swamp Thing, but he always found a way to slither through the cracks. They had hired the best hunters in the land to capture him, but he was always one step ahead. They had even tried to drain the swamp, but the Swamp Thing just seemed to thrive on the mud and muck.

One day, a new lawyer came to town. His name was Theodore, and he was determined to rid the town of the Swamp Thing once and for all. He filed lawsuits, organized protests, and even tried to have the creature declared a public nuisance. But the Swamp Thing was not one to be easily defeated.

Turns out, the Swamp Thing was also a lawyer, and a very good one at that. He had graduated at the top of his class from the prestigious "Swamp Law School" and had been honing his legal skills for centuries. He counter-sued Theodore for defamation of character, and won.